We work with the best ecologists to deliver species-rich living walls that help restore nature in cities and tackle the growing biodiversity crisis

Bringing back Biodiversity

Meadows and species-rich grasslands now cover less than 1% of the UK, with 97% lost in less than a century[1]. In May 2019 the UK Government declared an Environment and Climate Change emergency, with the Construction Industry Council recognising the built environment as a major contributor to the breakdown of biodiversity[2]. Nature is disappearing at an alarming rate.

Expert Advice

Working with London Wildlife Trust, Buglife and the country’s leading ecologists, Vertical MeadowTM has been designed to use customisable, species-rich native wild grass and wildflower seed mixes that provide a haven for pollinators, insects, birds and butterflies. Grown from seed in place, the resulting plants are hardy and long-lasting. Whether this is for a hoarding or scaffolding or for a permanent façade our systems work with nature and natural cycles to provide year-round support to biodiversity. It integrates with its surroundings by providing canvasses for local seeds to fly