WILD HOPE | Can Vertical Meadows Bring Wildlife Back to Cities?

In the media / Oct 30, 2023

We’re incredibly honoured that our work has been featured in the documentary film series, Wild Hope.

The episode looks at how, as urban expansion quickly replaces natural habitats, Vertical Meadow founder Alistair Law is pioneering a new way to restore native ecosystems for pollinators and create natural spaces for us all within cities.

Wild Hope highlights the changemakers – farmers, fishers, students, teachers, citizen volunteers, and scientists – who are working to restore and protect biodiversity by sharing stories that inspire and surprise audiences with bold interventions, unexpected alliances, and nature’s resilience.

We are privileged to be joined on film with our collaborators and friends at Emorsgate Seeds and Buglife, together raising awareness about how positive change is possible through local action. Our ambition, along with the team at Wild Hope is to use this as a catalyst to inspire further action and to build a movement – a community of supporters as well as active participants who seek ways to improve biodiversity in their local environments.

We hope you enjoy watching!

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