Our patented, living wall systems create thriving vertical wildflower meadows from seed. They can be used for both temporary and permanent facade applications. They have been specifically designed to boost biodiversity, for low maintenance and ease of construction. They also happen to look awesome, we think.

We produce living wall systems for growing native wildflowers from seed in-situ both for temporary and permanent facade applications. They have been designed specifically for improving biodiversity but also have other great benefits. They look pretty good as well.

The Vertical Meadow Story

It all started whilst having my morning coffee, a new concept for living walls that radically rethought how they were currently being delivered. As an engineer in Arup for the last 15 years, having lead some of the most exciting façade projects in the world like the Jesus Cross, Sagrada Familia and the Google Headquarters in London, I approached it from a façade engineers perspective. Living wall systems existed, but they struck me as overly-complicated and expensive. So I started to sketch out an alternative, a living wall system engineered to be super simple to construct, packed with live plants, grown from seed in place, self-sustaining and most importantly a haven for bees, birds and other fauna….. Alistair Law – Founder





Here’s why we think Vertical Meadow will soon be taking root somewhere near you soon

Increasing local

The species-rich wildflower meadows that grow are a haven for biodiversity, attracting bees, butterflies and ladybirds with a high pollen flower mix. Wild strawberries produce food for local birds

Noise Absorption

Cities and construction sites in particular - create a lot of noise. Our living walls act as an acoustic blanket for the buildings or hoardings they clad. Tests show our system can reduce low frequency noise by up to 15dB

Reducing Stormwater

Rainwater can be channeled through the system, both reducing the water needed for irrigation and easing the pressure on the mains drainage system. Our re-circulation system optimizes water use across the Vertical Meadow.

Increasing Local Biodiversity

The species-rich wildflower meadows that grow are a haven for biodiversity, attracting bees with a high pollen flower mix as well as other insects such as ladybirds and spiders. Wild strawberries also help to produce food for other fauna such as local birds.

Noise absorption

Cities and in particular construction sites create lots of noise. Our living walls provide an acoustic blanket on the buildings or hoardings they clad. Hand held test have shown our temporary system to reduce low frequency noise by up to 15dB.

Reducing Stormwater

Rainwater can be channelled through the system, both minimising the mains water irrigation for the plants, and reducing pressure on the mains drainage system. When connected to a re-circulation system water usage can be optimised for the whole system.

Easy to maintain
One annual cut per year, the rest is done by nature
New vertical parks
Build a network of green corridors, allowing nature to thrive in our cities
Good for neighbour relations
People love nature, our wall is no exception. It becomes a community resource
Sir David Attenborough
“Now, over half of us live in an urban environment. My home, too, is here in the city of London.
Looking down on this great metropolis, the ingenuity with which we continue to reshape the surface of our planet is very striking.
It’s also very sobering, and reminds me of just how easy it is for us to lose our connection with the natural world.”

Vertical Meadow Promise

Every project is important to us. We aren’t just satisfied with the end result, but also the process of getting there. We map it all out, from the first seed to the final fully grown meadow to ensure each and every project meets our highest standards.

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Local Plants

Our plants are carefully selected to prioritize local varieties that support birds, bees and other wildlife.

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Borrowed materials

Where possible, we use re-purposed materials or sustainably selected materials in all our projects.

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Tread lightly

We make sure whatever we do has minimal environmental impact, whether it is the coffee we drink or the materials we use.

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Lead by example

We think living walls can improve our cities, we want to be at the forefront of the living cities movement.

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Respect - Social enterprise

We believe that as a business we have a responsibility greater than just to our shareholders, but to the planet as a whole.

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Continuous improvement

We know we can always do things better. That’s why R&D is at the centre of what we do. We are looking for perfection.

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Our Partners

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